Why choose Geared Engineering?

Geared Engineering are the gearbox professionals and are different from most other companies that perform gearbox repair.

We are an independent company located in Newcastle, NSW.

Comprised strictly of the gearbox and bearing guys. At Geared Engineering, we believe quality starts and finishes with people and our service protocol.

Grown Up in the Industry and Have Many Years of Experience

  • With both gearboxes and bearings
  • Rebuilt thousands of gearboxes across many markets.
  • We are always evaluating opportunities to reduce downtime.
  • Utilise the latest bearing and gearing technology.

Have Built Our Business With an Eye Towards Speed

  • Quality and Service
  • Pride ourselves on our proactive approach
  • Rapid and Reliable Service.

Geared Engineering is on a mission: we take a proactive approach to gearbox life cycle management.

Refurbishing and repairing gearboxes requires a craftsman’s sense of balance and precision.

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Why Choose Geared Engineering? -

Gearbox Refurbishment is the Cost Effective Alternative to Equipment Replacement

  • Add years of additional operational life to your gearboxes.
  • A complete service is available in the handling, disassembling and refurbishment of your gearbox whether it’s 10 or 50,000 kg.
  • Special attention is provided for emergency breakdown repairs that may be required to get your equipment back in operation as quickly as possible.

Full Examination by Our Experts

We will examine any design changes that can be made to help improve the load-carrying capability of your existing gearboxes.

Whatever the scope of work, from simple replacement of bearings, to the replacement of gears, to the overhaul of the housing, to redesign.

Let Geared Engineering do it right for you.