Repair vs Upgrade

Along with the boom in the Australian mining industry has come an increased stress on plant and equipment.

As a result, more and more companies are looking to reconditioning workshops to extend the life of their equipment. For most, this represents the fastest way to get functioning machinery back to work and maintain productivity; making this a strong case for reconditioning and repair.

This provides the advantage of being able to upgrade the performance of key equipment components – such as gearboxes – during the reconditioning process. This delivers significant improvements in both efficiency and reliability which is achieved at a lower cost.


The key for mining companies taking the repair and reconditioning route is to ensure that they are working with a trusted workshop employing skilled technicians. The more specialised the better.

At Geared Engineering, we know gearboxes inside out, because that is what we do every day on all types and sizes of machinery.

Repair vs Upgrade

Geared Engineering specialise in providing expert repairs, rebuilds and upgrades to industrial power transmissions for fixed and mobile plant and equipment. We frequently increase gearbox reliability and performance without having to change existing equipment geometry.

Geared Engineering offer their rapid response service protocol to satisfy the demands of our customers.

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