Process to ensure efficiency and your complete satisfaction…

Step 1: Listen We take the time to understand what it is you need
Step 2: Plan We determine our approach, based on what you've told us. Once a service request has been received, we proceed to step 3.
Step 3: Transport gearbox to our facility We arrange specialist transport to get gearbox to our workshop.
Step 4: Determine gearbox conditions Review the conditions monitoring reports and previous service history, in conjunction with site engineers.
Step 5: Carefully dismantle the gearbox Includes inspection report and damage analysis, along with improvement proposals.
Step 6: Develop overhaul proposal & quotation Determine scope and cost of project and inform client. Upon acceptance of the quote, the necessary parts are produced or manufactured.
Step 7: New parts installed / Gearbox reconditioned Bearing and gear clearance are adjusted and contact patterns are recorded.
Step 8: Test gearbox on trial bench Results are detailed for you in our comprehensive report, which includes all relevant documentation and certificates.

Geared Engineering Australia

Expert repairs, rebuilds and upgrades of industrial power transmissions. Geared Engineering provides improved gearbox reliability and increased performance – and without having to change your equipment geometry.

Our extensive experience ensures that we understand our customers.

We know that downtime is the enemy, so we’ve developed a rapid service protocol to get your equipment back online as soon as possible.

We have well equipped workshops in the Hunter Valley (NSW) and Mackay (Qld) so that we can service sites across the states and interstate in Australia.